All accessories needed to fulfill safety standards and manage all types of applications, designed and tested to achieve high quality standards.

A variety of perfectly matching accessories, available for each type of sewer cleaning vehicle:

Max pressure regulating valve (PDF)

Sight level indicators (PDF)

Float level indicators (PDF)

Rear door manual closing clamps (PDF)

Rear door hydraulic closing clamps (PDF)

Dewatering system (PDF)

Rear door gaskets (PDF)

Water filters (PDF)

Rear door cylinders (PDF)

Four-way valves (PDF)

Tipping cylinders (PDF)

Top tank hinges (PDF)

Vacuum and pressure gauges (PDF)

Non-return valves (PDF)

Washing guns (PDF)

Vane pumps Oil trap filters/Silencers (PDF)

Blower pumps Silencers (PDF)


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T +421 33 735 3580